Session - Why customer-centricity should still the #1 focus on a data-driven marketer's agenda in 2022

Adam will speak about why solid foundations of customer-centricity should still be the #1 focus on a data-driven marketer’s agenda in 2022. He will share his examples from The Iconic and Hatch as well as touch base on vales-oriented leadership, and standing for something real and meaningful as a brand.



Adam Jacobs is the Co-Founder of THE ICONIC - Australia’s largest online fashion retailer, and the Co-Founder of Hatch - a new venture whose mission is for all people to find meaning in work.Adam is interested in how technology is changing our societies, and aims to build global tech companies that positively influence our future.


Adam started his career in strategy consulting with BCG an PwC (in Sydney and Copenhagen) before founding THE ICONIC in 2011 on the premise of customer experience leadership and the power of great teams.

Co-Founder, THE ICONIC & Hatch